Smooth & Silky

Smooth & Silky

All Natural by Falcon Creek
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The olive oil-rich bar contains significant quantities along with avocado, hazelnut, and sweet almond oils.  It has a clean scent of geranium, orange, and lemon, bergamot essential oils. Premium soap!

Other ingredients:  coconut oil, organic palm oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, goat's milk, benonite clay, litsea essential oil.

Each bar of my soap is over one quarter creamy goat’s milk.  Milk soap contains lipids that naturally moisturize your skin. Milk contains proteins, minerals, and lactic acid, and are all contributors to skin health.

My goat’s milk soap is designed to give your skin the cleansing and nourishing experience you seek. The milk is combined with pure vegetable, tropical, and nut oils to produce superior soaps.

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