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Think fast! Name a word that fits into the category in play AND begins with the last letter of the last word played. Hurry before the timer runs out, and be the first to discard all of your cards to win in this rapid recall game! Perfect for family game night, AfterWORDS encourages quick-thinking skills, helps build vocabulary, and promotes good sportsmanship!
• Rapid-recall word play game with a backwards twist
• Includes fold-up game board, 100 category cards, electronic timer with 3 different time durations
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• For 2–4 players
• Ages 8–ADULT

How to Play:
1. Deal 7 category cards to each player and flip the initial category card. The first player to call out a word in that category starts the timer and places it on the letter on the board that matches the last letter of the word called.
2. In turn, players read and discard one of their category cards; all players race to call out a word in the category that begins with the last letter of the last word called. The first player to discard all of their category cards wins!

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