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Chaos on Easter!

blessings Choas Easter

Woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I got up and started putting the finishing touches to our noon meal that we were going to have with our family.

 Broccoli salad was on the list.  I got the dried cranberries out since I dislike raisons.  The package must have not been sealed.  When I grabbed it, they spilled!

They spilled everywhere!  They were in the refrigerator drawer, all in the refrigerator doorway, and on the floor.  I grabbed what was left and threw them in the salad.  I picked up what was necessary to close the refrigerator and left the rest. 

 Later, I went to get my shower.  I somehow hit a bottle of bright red fingernail polish, knocked it on the floor, and it broke.  It went all over my bathroom floor!  It was drying quicker than I could get it wiped up.  I had to continually pour fingernail polish on the floor to get it all up.  I went to get something in my bedroom and apparently had gotten a little on one of my toes.  Now, there was nail polish on my carpet. So, I spent the next ten minutes trying to get it out of our new carpet.

 Got to church, and my undergarments were not cooperating.  I tried to fix them several times, but they just weren’t cooperating.  I wouldn’t take off my coat for I was afraid someone might notice.

 My granddaughter was in children’s church with me and was very hyper.  She was up and down several times, had to go to the bathroom twice, and kept asking to go see her papa.  When children’s church was almost over, I took her to “big” church to sit with her papa, but we couldn’t find him anywhere.

 Our son, wife, and two granddaughters were supposed to come over after church for dinner and we were going to have an Easter egg hunt. That didn’t work out either.  Our son got called into work.   We changed our plans, and they would be coming over in the evening instead.

 What a day!  My husband and I rested and waited for our precious family to come to our house.  They arrive for dinner.  Shortly after dinner, our oldest granddaughter who is 5 shared the 4 core values from children’s church.  Love God, Love others, Do your best, and have fun!  Then, told us that Jesus had died on the cross.  But then looked up at her mom and asked “why?” 

 All the chaos that happened on Easter, it was all worth it just to hear my granddaughter tell us what she was learning in Children’s Church about God! 

 Moms don’t give up!  Raise your children to know and love God!  While your life might seem chaotic, your kids are watching and learning!  Keep your heads up!  It will be worth it in the end.

Number 6:24-26

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